About the Authors

book3Linda Piccinini, Teri Martinez and Dr. Bruce Stephenson have worked together for over 20 years.  Together they build a very busy, profitable and successful general dental practice in a competitive area that saw 70 to 90 new patients each month without accepting reduced fees, PPO’s or HMO’s.  The also maintained an accounts receivables less than one-half of their monthly production while still accepting assignment of benefits for their patients. They spend no money on marketing or Internet fees but still saw approximately one-half of their new patients come from the Internet.


It’s not magic. They didn’t use any “gimmicks.” They simply applied the modern practice management systems, principles and checklists that they have now written down for other dentists. Their book shows the easy to follow, pragmatic, step-by-step procedures that any dentist and any dental office can use to duplicate their success. It shows the ways a prosperous dental practice must operate in today’s dental environment. Many of the concepts are not discussed anywhere else but they are proven and they work!


This book is truly the “owner’s manual” for the modern practice written by people who know how to do it because they have actually done it themselves!