Resources for the Modern Dental Practice


Dental Practice Management Book and Webinar


Paperless Dentistry:

Best way to do paperless forms, consents, etc – MedicTalk website or watch this video

Paperless Dentistry website  (mostly older information – now rarely updated)


“Must Have” for Modern Dental Office:

“Patient Express” – the “force multiplier” for the front desk!  Patient information at your fingertips when the telephone rings and instant, real time insurance eligibility & benefits!

MediTalk – all of your dental office forms  visit website or watch this video

DentalXChange ClaimsConnect for electronic insurance claims – works with virtually all practice management software

DentalXChange patient statement service – using a professional statements service not only reduces cost and time but increases collections

Invisalign – every GP should be providing Invisalign to his/ her patients; it’s a great service and very profitable

Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner – about $379 from Amazon; very fast, double sided scanning of multiple sheets; not a flat bed scanner! Scans to pdf format or TWAIN

Dental Foto digital camera and accessories – from Dental Learning Centers; $1595; everything you need for clinical digital photography; highly recommended camera but see also the Lester Dine camera below

Dymo Label Printer – for envelopes, appointment cards; very handy; can be “shared” so one printer at front can print appointment cards from all computers in office

Color Laser Printer – Xerox makes a very reliable one for about $600 that plugs into network cable and prints in color on both sides of paper; “magazine” color printing meaning not as nice a “photo” color printing but still nice for patient handouts, etc.

Microlux Transilluminator – very hi-tech for only about $300!  “Now we don’t have to take so many x-rays!”  WOW!

Unlock the PPO – very useful service for start up or established practice wishing to drop or add managed care plans using experience and actual data rather than “close your eyes and pick one.”


 Digital Radiography:

XDR Radiology


Computer Networking, Monitoring, Support:

DMI Networking – networks, hardware support, security and HIPAA 


Practice Management Software:

Open Dental – Its biggest advantage is not that it is free; its biggest advantage is that it is priceless when it comes to running a profitable dental practice!

Open Dental Hacks – Our webpage with brief videos showing our favorite ways to use Open Dental to improve your patient care, increase your practice profitability and decrease your stress!


 Used Dental Equipment:


Help with Implant Planning and Guides:

Guided Implant info:  watch the videos; may not have a cone beam center close to you but may still be able to help

Implants and help:  “clones” for all major implants that are much less expensive and work just as well; we used them for several years; watch any videos

Oral   help with cone beams, pano’s and implant planning / guides


Useful Resources from Dental Manufacturers:

Removable prosthetics:  ebook on removable prosthetics; I use most of the things mentioned in their “kit” but have not used the kit itself

Lester Dine camera and accessories (everything you need for digital clinical photography); $795

Dental Materials and Instruments for Removable Prosthetics: LeeMark Dental



Un-Welcome Letter

Data Backup and Encryption

Charting with MS Word

Video: Clinical Charting using MS Word

Paperless Dentistry “Free Lunch Counter”

“Happy Cat Dance”

“Some Thoughts on Effective Dental Websites”

Payment Options Page

Hiring a new person for the front desk

Benchmark Metrics

Open Dental Encounter Form

Great Debate of 2016 

Help for the New Dental Practice

Preventing Missed Dental Appointments

Why a Dental Office Needs a Label Printer

Silver Diamine Fluoride 

Halloween Candy Buy Back info


New Patient Flowsheet

Conversion to Open Dental