Halloween Candy Buy-Back


This is a great way to get your office noticed in the community and it is pretty inexpensive.

Here is your “checklist” for the best way to publicize Halloween candy buy back:

  1. Link up with www.operationgratitude.com; or go to the Halloween Candy 2016 page
  2. Start about 2 weeks before Halloween and schedule a “buy back” day one or two days after Halloween
  3. Put up a poster in your office announcing the program (You can get large posters printed at www.PrintingForLess.com)halloween buy back
  4. Do email blast to all your patients letting them know about it
  5. Run an add in local newspaper announcing program – see attached sample. If you have a small local “weekly” newspaper, that usually works best.  Sometimes they will even do a free article on your office.  they are often hungry for news.
  6. You can also announce that you will collect video movies than people no longer want and will ship them to operationgratitude with the candy
  7. Take pictures of the candy and videos you are shipping to Operation Gratitude!  You can post them on the “Community” page of your website and on Facebook
  8. Take pictures of any kids with candy they “contribute.”  With Mom’s permission, you can send the picture with first name only with the candy.  You can also print a picture (along with the practice information) and give it to the little nippers. Makes both kids and Mom happy!