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Increase your case acceptance and your collections; make it easier for your staff to show patients how to make your treatment plans more affordable!


   The Most Important Piece of Equipment in the Modern Dental Office 


   Using Planned Appointments in Open Dental


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Preventing Failed Dental Appointments







We have the systems and checklists to run a modern dental practice.

We can put them in place in your office.  

You do the dentistry, let us help with the management!


Many dental practices have been struggling since 2008.

Not only did the economy abruptly change but the strategies for operating a successful dental practice also suddenly and dramatically shifted. Yesterday’s methods simply do not produce good results in today’s environment.  

Dental websites, SEO, social media, computerized office operations, Paperless Dentistry, management checklists and the expansion of Internet-based practice tools all represent recent developments that have upset the traditional ways of operating a dental practice.

They also represent the risk of spending a great deal of money and getting no return on the investment!

We are equipped to help you change your practice to be more profitable, more visible and more efficient … by spending very little of your money. 

We offer Today’s Solutions to Today’s Dental Practice Challenges!

Unlike many other dental consultants, we know what we are doing because we have actually done it! 

We offer a dentist’s nuts and bolts, concrete approach rather than a vague, esoteric philosophy from someone who may have never even worked in a modern dental office!

We deliver proven, effective, contemporary, practical systems and checklists that provide rapid, measurable outcomes. No hype, just results! This is why we require no contracts.  If our methods don't immediately help your practice, you can drop us like a hot potato! 

We do an individual analysis of a practice and then suggest highly focused training and consulting solutions to provide the greatest benefits, quickly and for the least amount of money.

You owe it to yourself and your dental practice to talk to us about what we offer.


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