Patient Express


force multiplier for the dental front desk

The “force multiplier” for the dental office front desk!



Patient Express! The easiest, fastest way to manage dental patient information … including real time insurance eligibility & benefits automatically in about 5 seconds!

When the phone rings or when you simply click on a button, you get a summary on the screen with all the important information about the patient!

Appointments, recare, insurance benefits, treatment plans, other family members, account balance, value of referred patients and alerts are visible all in one place!  Moving the curser over any of the blocks “drills down” for more information.  Clicking on any block takes you directly to that area of your practice management software.

But wait!  There’s more!  

And this is the best part!

When the patient calls or you click on the button, Patient Express looks into the “cloud” and retrieves real time dental insurance eligibility and benefits – automatically and within about 5 seconds!


You could try to find someone with six arms for the front desk … or you can use Patient Express!

Not sure if it will benefit your office?  Try it for free for one month. No cost. No obligation.

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