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Dr. Bruce Stephenson and Ms. Linda Piccinini | Today's Dental Consulting

Today’s Dental Consulting: Dr. Bruce Stephenson and Ms. Linda Piccinini


Consulting Services by People Who Know How Modern Dental Offices Really Operate


We help dental practices become more profitable, more productive, acquire more new patients and improve the quality of the care they provide.

We have developed specific procedures and checklists to accomplish these goals. They can help any office improve their bottom line and staff to complete their tasks more easily.   Dental office policies that worked 5 or 10 years ago are no longer effective. Using old systems cost money, patients and time-lost when staff could be working more effectively.

We use various “remote control” and “Internet meeting” services such as GoToMyPc and GoToMeeting to communicate with you and your staff, anywhere in the world. We have cameras on our end so you can see us but, more importantly, you can see our computer screens so we can demonstrate what we are discussing. On your end, you only need a Mac or PC computer and a broadband Internet connection. You can also use an iPad by downloading a free app. You can listen to us either using your computer speakers and a computer microphone or by just using a regular telephone and dialing the number we will provide.

Just as with a new dental patient, we think it is best to proceed in an organized manor.  We have found the following steps to be most effective.

  1. Initial no-charge, no-obligation consultation over the Internet using Skype or GoToMeeting.  We want to meet you and listen to your concerns.  We can often make some suggestions as to how we might help your office.
  2. If we think we will be able to help, you can proceed with our no obligation “Consulting Guarantee:   If at the end of any month, including the first month, you feel you did not receive more than your money’s worth, we will cancel the charge for that month and we can part friends. (We don’t want unhappy dental patients and we don’t want unhappy consulting clients!) If you agree that we can help you make your practice more profitable with less stress, simply give us your credit card number. There is never a contract or long term obligation. It is simple, fair and you have absolutely nothing to lose.
  3. You need to sign up for GoToMyPc (www.gotomypc.com) and install it on one of your computers (see attachment). This is “remote control” software that allows us to access your office computer, download information, run reports and see how your office operates. The first month of GoToMyPc is free and it is only $10 per month for subsequent months. You need to leave this computer on 24-7 as we try to access it at times when you or your staff are not using the computer.
  4. We schedule Internet meetings with the doctor and entire staff every two weeks. Each meeting is about 60 minutes. The first meeting is usually just with the doctor to discuss our findings and suggestions. Our recommendation is that all other meetings include all staff members so we can start moving your practice forward.
  5. We have specific topics to cover at each bi-weekly staff meeting, followed by the “project” the office is currently completing. These meeting are for your entire group but are really only the “tip of the iceberg.”
  6. Between these meetings, the “under water part of the iceberg,”  we continue to monitor the practice using GoToMyPc, run additional reports, and work with individual staff members to train them on our systems. We ask that you commit to at least one hour each week for our staff training sessions. We like to limit this training to only one or two staff members and you should not need to shut down for these weekly staff training sessions. We show staff how to make their jobs easier while actually getting more done in less time.  The content and timing of these meetings vary with the specific needs of the office. We have individual topics for all office staff: front desk, chairsides, hygienists, etc. We also provide various “ad hoc” services such as website and SEO assistance, marketing, new employee recruitment and training. There is no additional charge for these services.
  7. Our monthly fee for “the whole iceberg” is $1100. We have no contracts and you can cancel at any time. This is the entire fee for any and every service we provide.  There are never any “extras” or “add-ons.”



You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.  

We are ready to start when you are!        209-603-9944