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As one of our clients said, “When I started my practice, I hit the ground running. Unfortunately, I was running in the wrong direction!”

Starting and operating a new or recently purchased dental practice can be tricky.

In spite of research and the best of intentions, we often see dentists making very expensive mistakes during their early months managing a practice.

There is never a shortage of advice but most of it comes from people trying to sell you something – often something expensive.

We are trying to sell you something, too. Our consulting services. But for our clients, that is absolutely the only thing we are selling. Although we recommend some products and services, we receive no compensation, commissions or any other form of financial consideration for anything we recommend for our clients. We recommend things because we have found that they work. Period.

We also realize that cash flow is a big issue for a new practice so we want to make it as easy as possible to use our services. This is why we offer this “new practice special.”

For practices that meet the qualifications below, we offer our standard consulting services for $595 per month for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months, you can choose to continue with our services at our normal rates ($1100 per month) or stop our services. You receive all the benefits of our standard consulting service – this is not a “restricted” or “abbreviated” version. Just like with our standard services, you can discontinue the consulting at any time. There is never a contract or long-term obligation.

So what’s the catch?

  1. Practice must be start up or purchased within the last 24 months
  2. Practice must be either using Open Dental software or willing to switch to Open Dental (we can definitely help in the process)
  3. Install GoToMyPc on office computer which is left on 24-7; first month is free, subsequent months are $10 (we provide HIPAA Business Associate Agreement before starting)
  4. Commit to two one-hour Internet staff meetings with entire staff each month
  5. Commit to a minimum of one-hour one-on-one individual staff person Internet training each week


No one else in the dental management field offers a deal like this!  We know what it is like to start a new practice!  “Been there, done that!” 

We want you to “Hit the ground running –  in the right direction!”

Call us or email us to set up a no charge consultation.  

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