How We Help Dental Practices


We are an “Open Dental Shop.” 


We work exclusively with practices using Open Dental or switching to Open Dental. 


We think that a dental practice management consult in today’s environment needs to intimately and thoroughly understand your practice management software … and be able to show your staff how to most easily make your practice more profitable. We have that in-depth expertise in Open Dental.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the only consultants who work exclusively with Open Dental clients. 

If you need someone to tell you to “clean up your reception room,” any consultant will do. If you want someone to show you how to use all the advantages of running an “Open Dental Practice,” you should call us!

We also feel that Open Dental is the best practice management software … at any price … for the modern dental practice. Open Dental features make us look good as consultants and makes in easy for us to show our clients how to improve their practices, patient care, efficiency and profitability. From new patient acquisition to retention of recare patients, “soup to nuts,” we can show you all the Open Dental “secrets” to make your practice better. 

Because we understand Open Dental (we use it in our own practice) we can help in some very specific ways:

  • Upgrading to Open Dental from other practice management software
  • Setup of Open Dental for ease of use and efficiency
  • Fast, easy “paperless dentistry” – better patient care in less time and for less money than “paper chart dentist.”
  • Proper setup and administration of both PPO’s and conventional dental insurance
  • Creating Payment Options and Financial Policies that work for both the dental practice and are acceptable to patients
  • Patient Letters that work!
  • Building New Patient flow – without spending money!
  • Help with website creation and upgrading for maximum Search Engine Optimization and “Conversions”  (the most popular website in the world is worthless in no new patients walk through the front door!)
  • Monitoring Practice Metrics and Staff Accountability
  • Advice on the myriad of things dentists are tempted to buy but often “just don’t work out.”
  • Decreasing Missed and Failed Appointments
  • Improving Treatment Planning & Case Presentation
  • Many, many more ways to help any and every dental practice!


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