How To Do an “End of Year” Campaign

In our experience, end of year campaigns tend not to be as effective as you would like. However, they are worth doing and you will get some response.

We have tried many different letters / newsletters / emails over the years and the one below got the best response.


  1. Do an email blast as soon as possible to all our patients – even those who do not have insurance as some of their family and friends may to covered. And patients without insurance may be more likely to have FHA plans.
  2. Linda can show staff how to quickly see what benefits remain and look at any outstanding tx plan so they can answer questions / schedule appointment when pts call
  3. Starting one week after the email blast, try to spend some time calling pts from the tx plan list I will provide who have tx plans and remaining insurance benefits. Make good notes! The best time to reach people is between 5 pm and 7 pm in the evening.
  4. If you are unable to reach a patient by telephone, I will set up a letter you can print and mail to selected patients as a last resort.


Sample End of Year Dental Email

Subject:   Our Patients may lose Thousands of Dollars in Benefits!


We had our computer stay up all night to calculate just how much money our current patients will lose in dental insurance and flex-spending benefits if they don’t use them by December 31st.  It’s thousands of dollars – just in this one practice! Multiply that by all the other dental offices in the country and it comes out to a very tidy sum!

Most dental insurance and flex-spending plans “roll over” on December 31st and any remaining benefits are lost forever!  That’s money insurance companies get to keep if patients don’t use their benefits before the end of the year.

It is unfortunate that people who earned and paid for these benefits don’t use them. It’s true that many of these patients don’t need any treatment so their benefits are not really lost. However, we are always surprised at how many people do have pending treatment that they post-pone until after the end of the year and lose this money forever.

If you, a friend or a family member have unused insurance for flex-spending benefits, now is the time to call our office so we can help you. We can tell you about any pending treatment covered by the benefits you have been earning all year!

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year – It will be here sooner than we expect!

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