We Change Practices!

compressed linda and staff

Our lead consultant, Linda Piccinini, has worked at every position in dentistry over the last 30 years. She understands how modern dental practices operate and the problems they face daily. She has helped guide a busy general practice almost from its beginnings, through the transition to totally paperless dentistry and on to a very successful practice that sees between 70 and 100 new dental patients a month but does no advertising and accepts no PPO’s or HMO’s.  Although it is not an “all cash upfront” practice, it maintains the accounts receivables at less than half of one month’s production. Dental insurance claims are usually paid in less than one week and often in as little as one day.

These systems can be applied in any dental office and virtually any dental staff can be trained to use them.

This is the expertise Linda now is bringing to progressive dental practices that are interested in new, proven, nuts & bolts solutions for today’s dental office challenges.

Ms. Piccinini is co-author of Dental Practice Management – 2015


Bruce Stephenson, DDS, FAGIMG_0076D, is a graduate of UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco Dental School (’77). He bought his first dental computer in 1979. He has been lecturing, consulting and writing about dental management and computing since 1985. He has lectured throughout the country including the ADA Annual Meeting. His articles have been published in the CDA Journal, Dental Economics, and Dentistry Today. Until he retired on June 30,  2013, he practi
ced in San Leandro, CA. He saw 70-100 new patients each month but did no advertising and accepted no PPO’s or HMO’s. Their fees were at the 80-90 percentile of the Thomas, Doll annual fee surveys. They maintained an A/R of less than one-half of their average monthly production. He will show you exactly how you can do this, too! No hype! No gimmicks! Just good dental practice management and modern dental computing techniques.